I am  retired from a 30 year career as a psychotherapist in private practice. In that capacity, I have incorporated art therapy for children (and sometimes adults). I have painted in oils ,water and acrylic for most of my life, studying with a number of master painters such as Wallace Putnam, George Kelly, Joanna Coke and Marie Zuckoff. It has only been in the last 10 years that I have found the medium with which I can express my vision. Digital painting has allowed me to show

the spontaneity and wonder that I see in nature. I also found a way to reflect intensity of color from using particular photographic pixels which have reflective qualities.
I have been exhibiting and receiving awards in the Florida and New York area. 
In 2013, I had the honor of being invited to present a gallery showing at Florida State ‘s Celebration entitled The Fountain of Youth .(in Gainesville ). This was a 3 piece project , including text on the mythology of the florida dream.

In 2016, The Harmony Gallery in Sarasota Fl hosted my solo exhibition to great success. 

My art is on  permanent display at the Hebrew Life Institutes,Boston Mass as well as  in private collections including that of Peg Landsman of Dale Landsman Art Foundation and Baila Miller , Ringling College of Arts and Design Instructor.